Terms of sale SHORT-TERM If you have a problem with our products, we are willing to return the money or replace the products. We have solved and try to solve all the problems that are encountered in the most appropriate way for the client. FULL-TERM

  1. Terms of sale validity 1) The terms of sale are valid from the purchaser of the online store (hereinafter Consumer) and FL GROUP OÜ. (hereinafter the Web Store) for the purchase of goods and services. 2) In addition to these terms and conditions, the Law of Obligations Act (hereinafter referred to as the “Law of Obligations Act”), the Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter TKS) and other legal acts in force in the Republic of Estonia govern the legal relations arising from the purchase of products on the Internet site. 3) The web store reserves the right to make changes to the terms of sale. These changes are reflected on the website caratcrystals.ee
  2. Price information 1) All prices shown in the online store caratcrystals.ee are exclusive of VAT. VAT is not added to the price as FL GROUP OÜ is not subject to VAT.  2) For purchases with a total amount below € 60, the price of the transport will be added to the price according to the chosen mode of delivery by the Consumer. (SmartPost 2.59 euros; Omniva 2.59 euros). 3) Prices are valid from the time of order completion until the expiry of the due date of the completed order (1 day after the order is completed). 4) If the order has been submitted before changing the terms of sale or prices, the conditions applicable to legal relations between the Consumer and caratcrystals.ee shall be applicable at the time when the order was made. 5) The web store reserves the right to make changes in sales prices. These changes are reflected on the website.
  3. Delivery terms and conditions 1) We offer several different and most up-to-date delivery options. You can choose the most suitable: Itella SmartPOST and Omniva.  2) Delivery time 1-2 working days, maximum 5 working days. 3)Purchases made on workdays and before 17:00 will be sent on the same day. The delivery time is on the next day after the goods are shipped. Purchases made on weekends and public holidays will be sent within two business days. When goods arrive at the parcel terminal, you will receive an SMS. Enter this code in the prompt terminal and pick up your order. The package is kept in a parcel box for 7 days.
  4. Order completion 1) Add the desired items to the basket. 2) To order the order, first click on the “Make an order” link in the shopping cart. 3) Next, choose whether you want to make a single or loyal customer order (if there is such a distribution in the online store). 4) On the order completion page, fill in the required fields, select the appropriate delivery method for your products, and click on the link “Order with payment obligation”. Then an invoice will be displayed on the screen, which can be paid in cash via the bank link (LHV, Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, Danske, coop, etc.) or other payment solutions in banks. Details for completing the euro, together with all applicable national taxes and additional fees, can be found at the expense of the screen after confirming the order. 5) For orders, you can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard), with Estonian bank links (Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, coop, LHV Bank), PayPal. 6) Fill out the boxes on the data and order confirmation page, because the accuracy and correctness of the provided information depends on the speed and accuracy of the products you purchase. smooth delivery and subsequent resolution of disputes and complaints. 7) Payment is made outside the e-store in a secure environment – by paying the bank link in a secure environment of the respective bank and paying by credit card in the secure environment of Maksekeskus AS. The seller does not have access to the customer’s bank and credit card information. 8) Orders placed on the Web Store are processed on a daily basis (e.g. E-P 8.00-17.00) If the order is submitted on Friday after 14:00, the order will be formalized on the following Saturday. Also applicable is the “I’ll come to you merchandise” option.
  5.  Entry into force of the sales contract 1) The online store of the Commitment undertakes to provide the Consumer with the goods to be acquired in the future by the existing, manufactured or online store and make the transfer of ownership to the Consumer, but the Consumer undertakes to pay the amount indicated on the Invoice for the Goods and take the Goods. 2) Orders that have not been paid will be canceled 1 day after the order has been made. 3) The sales contract enters into force upon receipt of payment from the Consumer to the bank account of the Web Store.
  6. Shipping 1) After the entry into force of the sales contract, the online store completes the order and transfers it to the logistics partners of the company for delivery. 2) Terms of delivery shown on the website of the e-shop are valid from the moment of receipt of the order amount to the web store’s bank account. 3) You must be careful about delivering without delay, and when submitting your order, submit true data and valid data when entering the delivery data. 4) The web store is not responsible for the delivery of the goods if the goods have been delivered to the logistics partners at the right time, but the delivery is due to circumstances that could not be influenced and foreseen by the online store.
  7. Right of Return 1) Upon receipt of the order, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract entered into the e-shop without giving any reason within 14 days. The standard form for withdrawal is available on the web site. 2) In the event of a deterioration in the condition of the item to be returned, the Consumer shall be liable for the reduction of the value resulting from the use of the thing only if he has used the item in any other way, if necessary, in order to satisfy the essence, characteristics and operation. In order to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the item, the Consumer should handle and use the thing only as it would normally be allowed to do it in the shop. 3) In order to return the goods, an application for the cancellation of the purchase of goods must be submitted, the form of which is found on the website of the web store. And send it to info @ caratcrystals.ee at the latest within 14 days upon receipt of the goods. 4) The consumer must return the goods within 14 days after the submission of the application or provide proof that he has delivered the goods to the logistics company during the aforementioned period. 5) The Client does not have to return the goods through the logistics company, when the online store has agreed to come to the commodity itself. 6) The web store shall return the withdrawal statement to the consumer immediately, but not later than 14 days, all charges received from the consumer under the contract, including the costs of delivery of the item used by the Consumer, unless the consumer expressly opts for the delivery of the cheapest way of delivering the item, different from the way of delivery , the Web Store does not need to reimburse the Customer for a cost that exceeds the cost associated with the normal delivery method.
  8. Force Majeure 1)The web store is not responsible for the damage caused to the Customer or for the delivery of the goods, if the loss or delivery of the goods is due to circumstances that the online store could not affect or anticipate.
  9. Processing of personal data 1) The consumer enters the data in the Internet store and with the corresponding confirmation the right to collect and process the Consumer’s personal data (name, contact phone number, delivery of the package and / or home address, e-mail address) and forward personal data to the logistics partner for delivery of the goods. 2) The WebPhole has the right to use the Consumer’s residence or address address for the transmission of advertising and other information to the Consumer. 3) The consumer has the right at any time to prohibit the collection and use of his or her personal data, unless this is necessary to recover a claim arising out of a contract or to deliver the goods. (4) The use of electronic personal data for direct mail shall only take place if the Consumer has given separate consent for this to the Website for this purpose. 5) When paying for encrypted data communications with banks, the Consumer guarantees the security of personal banknotes and does not have access to the web store.
  10. Claims procedure 1) The web store is responsible for the nonconformity or defects of the goods sold to the Consumer by the terms of the contract, occurring within a maximum of two years from the date of delivery of the goods to the Consumer. 2) The consumer has the right to contact the online store at the latest within two months upon occurrence of the defect, giving the invoice under which the purchase of the goods was paid. 3) When goods are defective, we ask that you stop using the goods. 4) The repair or replacement of defective goods shall be agreed upon between the online shop and the consumer with each other. Repair costs are covered by the online store. 5) The Web Store is not responsible for any defects caused by the Product due to the product due to improper storage or non-intended use of the product. 6) In the event of non-compliance or deficiencies in the product, please send an e-mail to info @ caratcrystals.ee, specifying the name, contact phone number, order number and precise description of the non-conformity or defect of the product. 7) A complaint regarding the non-compliance or defect detection of the product must be submitted within two months from the discovery of the non-conformity or defect of the product. 8) All complaints will be reviewed and contacted by the Consumer as soon as possible, but not later than within 14 days from receipt of the complaint. 9) The consumer has the right to require the web site to lower the purchase price or terminate the contract and refund the goods if the webpage can not be repaired or replaced, the repair or replacement of the goods fails, the online store has not eliminated the goods within a reasonable time, unreasonable inconvenience has been caused to the consumer .
  11. Consumer right to appeal to the Consumer Complaints Board 1) If the Web Store has refused to resolve the Consumer’s complaint or the Consumer does not agree with the solution offered by the Web Store and finds that his rights have been violated or his interests have been violated, the Consumer may submit a complaint to the Consumer Complaints Commission through the Consumer Protection Board or the court. The consumer may lodge a complaint through himself or through a representative. Information provided by the Consumer Protection Board is available at on the Consumer Protection Board website . > contact the member states of the European Union European Union Consumer Advice Center.